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We are passionate about creating a better healthcare experience for the consumer and a competitive edge for the provider. We know that healthcare consumers value what all consumers value – convenience and customer service. Our healthcare facilities help reduce the stress of the consumers, not create more. For providers, we also understand the importance of service line integration, increased throughput and models of care that enhance the strategic initiatives of the healthcare system.

Guided by our purpose statement - Pursuing Better Healthcare through Real Estate Solutions - and defined by our core values, we are committed to the right facility solutions and exceeding our clients' expectations. It is these values that drive us to be better every day - to provide the highest quality service and greatest value to every environment we are fortunate to be a part of, as we look to partner with those who share in that commitment.

  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Understanding
  • Integration
  • Ownership

Innovation is one of our core values and fundamental to our DNA as a company.

At Anchor, we strive to continually stay ahead of the curve by utilizing the newest proven approaches to market strategy, design, patient flow and provider efficiencies. Leveraging our collective experience and resources, our nimble, and thoughtful team of professionals deliver tailored, client-specific solutions to respond to today’s healthcare challenges – thinking outside the “medical outpatient box.”

We challenge our team of employees and consultants to push the envelope by thinking critically and creatively to develop innovative ways to tackle new problems.

We believe that there is strength in unity.

Our experienced professionals work closely with healthcare leadership to carefully conceive and manage each facility according to the unique goals of each client.

We listen carefully, ask questions, evaluate and present several options to together create the ideal healthcare solution for each specific environment. By collaborating with client team members, and with each other, we are able to pull from a larger sampling of individual experience and knowledge when establishing the best way to meet our unified goals.

At the core, it is most important that we collaborate to realize a clear understanding of the objectives and share a common vision, target budget and sense of purpose.

We know that consumers have choices when it comes to healthcare.

We work hard to understand the consumer behavior and the competitive landscape of the market before creating a plan tailored to meet your consumer’s needs. We have operated under this premise for more than 35 years and continue to evolve our patient-centric approach as the delivery of care changes.

Visibility, access, convenience (traditional retail fundamentals) serve as the foundation for each of our real estate strategies. Building upon that, we realize that brand, experience, and customer service are also critical in today’s competitive environment. We combine each of these elements to deliver a roadmap for your organization to respond to the market with the “right product” at the “right time” to help to ensure financial success.

We merchandise services along product lines and program for profitability while ensuring patients move through their visit efficiently, spending quality time with caregivers and limited registration and waiting time.

Healthcare consumers value what all consumers value - convenience and customer service.

Leveraging our collective experience, resources, and system and campus-wide operational knowledge and sensitivity, we understand working closely with executive leadership teams to solve for your healthcare planning endeavors.

Our facilities help reduce the stress of patients and families, not create more. For providers, we also understand the importance of service line integration, increased throughput and models of care that enhance each clients' strategic initiatives.

Our interdepartmental collaboration and transitional understanding drives our long-term partnerships, helps frame our real estate strategies, and creates a better healthcare experience for the consumer and a competitive edge for the health system.

More than your typical healthcare real estate firm, we approach each environment with an ownership mentality – whether we are working on behalf of our client or as an invested partner.

Across our development, asset and property management, and investments platforms, we believe in a forward-thinking philosophy of value analysis – one where we bring our more than 35 years of experience solely focused on healthcare real estate to identify ways to implement our clients’ business objectives. We know that successful projects require transparency and partnership as guiding principles – with the entire team bought into the same mission and vision. This requires an “open book” approach with consistent communication and team collaboration - which are fundamental principles for every one of our projects.

This perspective drives us to improve the patient experience, create a patient friendly environment, and efficiently implement the proposed program areas. The cross-collaboration of our platforms enables us to make thoughtful decisions that guide a unified, streamlined, integrated, and successful approach to each and every project.

Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood  |  The Villages, Florida

“Focused on building active, healthy lifestyles at The Villages® and The Villages Health, we are committed to creating a new paradigm for the delivery of healthcare services. With the Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood, we wanted to build more than just another outpatient center; we wanted to develop a first-of-its-kind, industry leading healthcare destination available to the public.

Anchor’s creative and thoughtful planning and programming is evident in every detail from the  building’s aesthetics to operations to the seamless integration with the hotel and spa. Their innovative approach and inherent understanding of our health system’s model of care and the consumer experience made them the natural partner for this project.”

– Dr. Elliot Sussman, Chairman, The Villages Health

Chancellor Park Medical Complex  |  San Diego, California

“UCSD is one of the most active tenants in the San Diego office / medical / life sciences market with over 140 off-campus locations, and Anchor’s interdepartmental collaboration and understanding of the potential value in a healthcare facility helps frame our real estate strategy at this location.

Since acquiring the Chancellor Park Medical Complex, there is a noticeable difference in how much better the buildings are being managed and handled from a tenant’s perspective. Anchor’s team has taken great care of UCSD and works collaboratively with us to create a better healthcare experience for the patients and visitors. Their unique understanding of campus-wide operations has helped us solve for greater strategic master planning endeavors in the community.”

– Tim Moore, Director, Real Property Leasing, University of California, San Diego

Western Reserve Health Center  |  Hudson, Ohio

“As the Northeast Ohio region and the families who call it home continue to grow, we are finding new ways to meet the healthcare needs of our neighbors. Through the thoughtful and creative development and tailored capital solutions led by Anchor during design and pre-construction, this new medical outpatient building will allow us to further our mission of providing compassionate, expert and patient-centered care by expanding primary and specialty care access.”

– Dr. Robert Kent, President and CEO, Western Reserve Hospital

Prisma Health and Internal Medicine Associates (IMA)  |  Greenville, South Carolina

“We are delighted to expand our presence in the Greenville area and continue our partnership with the incredible team at Anchor Health Properties. We have tremendous respect for Anchor as healthcare real estate investors and asset managers and appreciate the trust and confidence they have placed in us in supporting our continued growth.”

– Carmel West, Administrator (retired), IMA


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